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US-2011182796-A1: Method for the pyrolysis of carbohydrates patent, US-2011228962-A1: Haptic Chair Sound Enhancing System With Audiovisual Display patent, US-2011236825-A1: Photoresist composition and method of forming photoresist pattern using the same patent, US-2011259818-A1: Filter media for liquid purification to remove trace metals patent, US-2011282140-A1: Method and system of hand segmentation and overlay using depth data patent, US-2011293342-A1: Heat-producing element for fixing device and image forming apparatus patent, US-2012004832-A1: Method and device for operating a drive unit patent, US-2012008679-A1: 4:4:4 color space video with 4:2:0 color space video encoders and decoders systems and methods patent, US-2012038826-A1: System and method for synchronized content rendering in a multi-node network patent, US-2012048354-A1: Sheet for solar cell encapsulant and solar cell module patent, US-2012052185-A1: Medical Devices Containing Nitroprusside and Antimicrobial Agents patent, US-2012106761-A1: Driving interface device adaptive to a flat speaker patent, US-2012111689-A1: flywheel patent, US-2012113362-A1: Liquid crystal display patent, US-2012132267-A1: Photoelectric conversion device and electronic equipment patent, US-2012164761-A1: Method for manufacturing lighting device patent, US-2012171729-A1: Methods for the synthesis of polyadenylic acid patent, US-2012185659-A1: Method for creating consistent backup image of a storage volume without requiring a snapshot patent, US-2012195379-A1: Method and apparatus for encoding images, and method and apparatus for decoding encoded images patent, US-2012251711-A1: Method of manufacturing a glass substrate for a magnetic disk and method of manufacturing a magnetic disk patent, US-2012283082-A1: Roller for sealed head and process for manufacturing patent, US-2012283734-A1: Bifurcated Shaft for Surgical Instrument patent, US-2012317033-A1: Generating business process objects patent, US-2013040613-A1: Methods and apparatus to send voice messages patent, US-2013078589-A1: Tubular Reactor for Thermal Treatment of Biomass patent, US-2013115512-A1: Buckled silicon nanostructures on elastomeric substrates for rechargeable lithium ion batteries patent, US-2013176836-A1: Magnetic field generator patent, US-2013278246-A1: Bias Field Generator and Method patent, US-2013286339-A1: Liquid crystal display device patent, US-2013338423-A1: Apparatus for loading dosimetrically customizable brachytherapy carriers patent, US-2014082397-A1: Embedded multimedia card using unidirectional data strobe signal, host for controlling the same, and related methods of operation patent, US-2014111256-A1: Deserializers patent, US-2014123685-A1: Air conditioner and a method of controlling an air conditioner patent, US-2014163507-A1: Absorbent article patent, US-2014184900-A1: Mobile device and optical imaging lens thereof patent, US-2014339994-A1: Lighting module patent, US-2015057501-A1: Tissue retractor patent, US-2015148352-A1: Compositions and methods for the treatment angina and cardiovascular conditions patent, US-2010235291-A1: Self-help invention computer system patent, US-2011022581-A1: Derived statistics for query optimization patent, US-2011065055-A1: Waste heat use patent, US-2011089744-A1: Guiding system for the safety belt securing passengers of a vehicle patent, US-2011153641-A1: System and method for regular expression matching with multi-strings and intervals patent, US-2011161891-A1: Information processing apparatus and information processing method patent, US-2011165322-A1: Apparatus and method for manufacturing absorbent body patent, US-2011165716-A1: Quantum dot laser diode and method of fabricating the same patent, US-2011197111-A1: Method and apparatus for error-correction in and processing of GFP-T superblocks patent, US-2011292357-A1: Fluid handling structure, a lithographic apparatus and a device manufacturing method patent, EP-2020605-A1: System and method for high resolution sensing of capacitance or other reactive impedance change in a large dynamic range patent, US-2011297346-A1: Methods and Systems of Regenerative Heat Exchange patent, US-2012055944-A1: Security system hard tag clamp and clamping method patent, US-2012109524-A1: Methods for Transmission and/or Processing of Traffic Information patent, US-2012164921-A1: Method and apparatus for polishing and grinding a radius surface on the axial end of a cylinder patent, US-2012233427-A1: Data Storage Device and Data Management Method Thereof patent, US-2012281420-A1: Combined optical element and lighting device including the same patent, US-2012298151-A1: Device for Disinfecting, Sterilizing and/or Maintaining Medical, Especially Dental, Instruments patent, US-2012302139-A1: Methods of finishing an edge of a glass sheet patent, US-2013200014-A1: Controlled access structure for the provision of bottled products patent, US-2013252319-A1: Biosensor for measuring stress based on eletrical device and measurement method thereof, and emotion-on-a-chip and measuring apparatus thereof patent, US-2013267652-A1: Methods of hydrophobizing materials with siloxanes containing hydrocarbyliminoalkyl or quaternary ammonium salts patent, US-2014132184-A1: Power Supply Circuit with a Control Terminal for Different Functional Modes of Operation patent, US-2014229475-A1: Method and system for document presentation and analysis patent, US-2014289236-A1: Refining search results for a compound search query patent, US-2014319843-A1: Micro gas turbine engine for powering a generator patent, US-2014356019-A1: Fur brush roller, and cleaning unit and image forming apparatus provided therewith patent, US-2015062087-A1: Electronic device having proximity touch function and control method thereof patent, US-2015084330-A1: Variable structure seals patent, US-2015109129-A1: System and method for measuring bodily impact events patent, US-2015113757-A1: Hand-Guided Floor Treatment Device patent, US-2010215715-A1: Gel delivery system for tissue repair patent, US-2010299633-A1: Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing program for performing output setup to device apparatus, and memory medium storing such program therein patent, US-2010309175-A1: Method of driving a liquid crystal panel patent, US-2010323789-A1: Cashbox coupon for a gaming machine patent, US-2010326124-A1: Expander-integrated compressor and refrigeration cycle apparatus using the same patent, US-2011065256-A1: System and method for increasing breakdown voltage of locos isolated devices patent, US-2011066313-A1: Method & arrangement for calculating a conformity between a representation of an environment and said environment patent, US-2011097600-A1: Vertical magnetic recording medium and method for making vertical magnetic recording medium patent, US-2011099384-A1: Strong authentication token usable with a plurality of independent application providers patent, US-2011139043-A1: Drilling platform patent, US-2011193133-A1: Photo detection device patent, US-2011267320-A1: Flexible device and fabricating method thereof patent, US-2011274201-A1: Device, method and system of wireless communication over an extremely high radiofrequency band patent, US-2012026333-A1: Vehicle periphery monitoring device and vehicle periphery image display method patent, US-2012048787-A1: Water filtering and dispensing system and system for filtering, storing, delivering, and testing water patent, US-2012121278-A1: Storage container for developer and image forming apparatus patent, US-2012124873-A1: Emergency-light indicator patent, US-2012142459-A1: Table tennis ball storage apron patent, US-2012153779-A1: Electronic component patent, US-2012227732-A1: Grill Device patent, US-2013030796-A1: Audio encoding apparatus and audio encoding method patent, US-2013089215-A1: Audio processing device, audio processing method, recording medium, and program patent, US-2013221921-A1: Power supply system for electric powered vehicle, control method thereof, and electric powered vehicle patent, US-2013242112-A1: Image stabilization and tracking system patent, US-2014036424-A1: Mounting structure of removable unit and electronic apparatus provided with that mounting structure patent, US-2014096282-A1: Vaccine for control of beet curly top virus infection of plants patent, US-2014164788-A1: Secure Switch Between Modes patent, US-2014176139-A1: Basalt Fiber Composite For Antenna In Well-Logging patent, US-2014183670-A1: Capacitive Intravascular Pressure-Sensing Devices and Associated Systems and Methods patent, US-2014367990-A1: Utility vehicle canopy patent, US-2015112015-A1: Curable fluorocopolymer formed from tetrafluoropropene patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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